The healing power of movement in the water.
"The practitioner 'dances' the receiver, who has an experience of grace and beauty, sometimes leading to deeper emotional releases. Silent music, consisting of rhythmic impulses of pressure, touch and movement played upon the body's proprioceptors. The dance is between the subliminal message within each movement and the receiver's subconscious mind. That which has slowed down or ceased to move within the psyche is inspired to awaken into playful participation. Thus, the healing comes from within."
Alexander George

What is a watersession?

In an aquatic bodywork session, you are floated on the surface of a warm water pool by a professional aquatic bodywork practitioner. You are held with utmost care and support while experiencing a beautiful dance through the water, calming your mind and providing deep relaxation for your body. read more...

Afke Reijenga

Absolutely magical experience, where time and space dissolved, like a fish, like a baby like a bird, like everything and nothing at the same time, delicious floating in the water! Thanks sweet Marlies i felt really save in your hands, so easy to surrender! I feel so relaxed now! Yeah happy day! Watsu watersession with Marlies!


Absolutely magical experience...
Felt, like
Floating in the infinite vast water space,
Lead by a guiding hand.
Relaxing into it,
Submerged into water, becoming one.
So subtle, gentle, delicate.
Thank you!

Yarun Dee

Watsu is echt een fantastische ervaring! Bijna alsof je weer even in de baarmoeder bent, super ontspannend. Marlies doet het heel goed, ik voel mij gedragen en voel alle ruimte om over te geven aan haar kundige manier van werken.

About Marlies

Marlies de Kort is a certified practitioner of Healing Dance and Watsu (Recognized by WABR).
She has received around 1000 hours of aquatic bodywork trainings from the best teachers in the world.
She has been studying yoga for over 20 years and teaching yoga for over twelve years.
She is a trained breathwork practitioner as well.
Her life experience enables her to hold a safe space for you where you can totally be yourself and express what you feel.

What makes aquatic bodywork so special?

Letting go of muscular tension. In the water it is easier to become aware of unnecessary holding patterns you have in the body. This makes it possible to let go. Being carried without any resistance, on a massage table you might never feel completely comfortable whereas the water gives the perfect gentle soft support. Experiencing being back in the womb. The warm water and embryo-like positions in which you are held is reminiscent of being in the womb, being nurtured, taken care of in a very primal way. The space and support to experience movements your body has never made. The practitioner can guide you through movements that your body would never be able to perform on land. These new movements in the body reflect also into new movements in your brain. Releasing your inner strength. Most people have a lot of inner strength that lays dormant in the body. Through water sessions this energy is invited to rise and shine within and without.

Making an appointment with Marlies de Kort is possible by

phone: 00 31 0613073809